Digital Floral Class

Florist, Whitney King will teach you how to take the average Supermarket bought Flowers and make them look like a million dollar bouquet

Wednesday, May 26th at 7PM

What can you expect from a Money Therapy Class


All year long, I in/courage my clients to save, share and invest their  money in ways that allows them to have Power inside of their Purse! 


As an extension of those tangible actions, I created Money Therapy, to further guide them to connect to their emotions through body movement, creative play, and a support group. I've found that these types of enriching activities can inspire them to creatively position themselves to make even more Cash and in turn make greater investments into their future! 


This is #MoneyTherapy creating #PurseEmpowerment

A little

about  Me: 


I am your Budget Bestie, Credit Counselor,  and Money Therapist wrapped in one. I have been empowering Purses for the last decade through my best selling book 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse, improving credit scores through a proven dispute and credit building systems, while helping you to connect to your feelings so that they always position you to have more Fun, and Fund$.

A little

about  Whitney: 


Whitney King, is the lead florist of Blush & Bloom for the lash 4 years.  Where she sends  beautiful blooms and floral gifts right to your loved one’s door.


She will be teaching us to arrange our own Florals in a way that will stimulate our senses, and beautiful plant life to our decor on a dime


At Purse Empowerment our goal is to change your life, change your emotional well-being and give you better stability when it comes to making financial decisions.

"I have been working with Shani for 6 months. In that time span I have increased my ability to save money and my credit score has improved by 120 points! I went from wondering if I could become a home owner, to partnering with Shani to increase my credit score. Now, I have clarity about my goals, and my ability to achieve them. Shani has an indicative personality. I find myself scheduling appointments before my next appointment. Because I am motivated and always ready to meet my next money goal. I am really blessed to have met her at a time that I really needed my Purse Empowerment."

-T. Johnson

"I started at a 576/596 back in October and here I am today close to 700 with a new credit card approved for $1500. Your professionalism and service is A1. I appreciate you Shani. I will be a client for a long time."

-D. Stewart

"The [21-Day Purse Empowerment] challenge is coming a long great. My accountability partner is fantastic. She makes sure we communicate daily. I have to admit that I am a shopaholic; however since joining the challenge, I have improved. [Shani] Your tips are great! Waiting for the Wealthy Wednesday Live session!"

-S. Jenkins

"Thanks to Purse Empowerment I’m now writing this review as a more disciplined and educated consumer. I was a victim of identity theft, derogatory collection accounts, medical accounts, and more that ruined my credit even though I had a stellar payment history....I have been with them less than a year and I have seen a big change on my credit. I started from mid 600 and now I’m at a mid 700. Most important negative accounts were removed and I really feel good about my credit NOW."


"After my divorce I hired Shani and she changed my life in 6 weeks, what I could not change in 20 weeks. During my first session I said, Ohhhhhhh this is 'Adulting.'  I went from being financially ignorant to being financially informed so now words like Money Market or stocks no longer intimidate me anymore. It doesn’t matter how much more your man knows about money than you, it is still your responsibility to make your own money and understand how to save it, spend it wisely, and grow it." 

-L. Thomas

"My 3rd WCW is my Financial Accountability partner Shani Curry. I met with her at the beginning of last year and she gave me a strict budget and a reasonable plan to eliminate my debt. I am 95% debt free!! I have to keep my utilization a little under 30%. It only took me 6-7 months. I listened to everything you said and we did it!!"

-T. Vincent

Reach Your Personal

Financial Goals


This program was designed to get your personal

financial goals under control. It takes work, dedication

and like so many of us we simply want to increase our

lifestyle and have what we want. In order to get there

you have to take efficient steps and enact discipline to

curtail your spending habits by placing your money in a better place.

Learn how to do this and so much more with Purse Empowerment!


Save Money for Better Investments

Understand Credit and Revolving Credit

Understand How to make your credit score increase

Understand how better credit dictates what you buy, 

how to get loans and more

Understand and take confusion out of bad spending habits

We are a company that cares about your holistic well being. We endeavor to help women manage their lives through every day proven techniques. Purse Empowerment opens up our purse to you to help you budget, manage debt, tackle credit issues, invest in real property, save for future goals, and the art of investing.




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